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Childcare program

Pre-school soccer is a fun and educational way for children to learn important skills

At our Childcare Programs, we believe that physical activity is essential for children. Our program is designed to give children the opportunity to engage in safe and fun sports activities. Through our program, children can develop physical, social, and cognitive skills in a fun and guided environment. Our program is tailored to children of all abilities and ages so that every child can benefit from participating in activities that promote positive physical, mental, and emotional growth. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are in a safe and secure environment.

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FAST work closely with approved educators and follow the National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a high national benchmark for early childhood education and care and outside school hours care services in Australia.


Children are encouraged to be as active as possible and to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. They also learn to listen, which can be a challenge for young children.


FAST Pre school programs are an excellent way for children to learn skills that will focus on building your child's confidence, listening, motor skills and coordination. 


Through soccer training and games, your child will improve their coordination, agility and learn new games and interaction with their friends.

childcare sports program

Searching for childcare sports programs can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Look no further! Our childcare sports program is designed to provide the perfect balance between fun and development, with a focus on safety and inclusion. Our team of experienced coaches will bring out the best in every child, helping them reach their potential in a safe and nurturing environment. So join us now, and let your child discover the joys of sport.

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Following the national quality framework

We work closely with educators and centres to develop quality childcare programs that follow the national quality framework.


Educational program and practice

Quality area 1:

Educational program and practice of educators are child-centred, stimulating and maximise opportunities for enhancing and extending each child’s learning and development.


Quality Area 3 – Physical environment

Quality area 3:

Physical environment is safe, suitable and provides a rich and diverse range of experiences that promote children’s learning and development.


Children's health and safety

Quality area 2:

Children have the right to experience quality education and care in an environment that safeguards and promotes their health, safety and wellbeing.


Staffing arrangements

Quality area 4:

Qualified and experienced educators, who develop warm, respectful relationships with children, create predictable environments and encourage children’s active engagement in the learning program.


Relationships with children

Quality area 5:

Relationships with children are responsive, respectful and promote children’s sense of security and belonging.


Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

Quality area 6:

Collaborative relationships with families are fundamental to achieving quality outcomes for children, and community partnerships based on active communication, consultation and collaboration are essential.

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The world is your playground

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